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Folk and Traditional Arts of Texas


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  • Kate Murray teaching editing software, Audacity, to a Stories for Creative Forces participant.
    Posted on Wed Sep 4, 2019

    Workshop Description:

  • Posted on Fri Jun 28, 2019
    The annual Stories Summer Institute was June 17-21, 2019. During the Institute, participants crafted stories with instruction and guidance from audio radio producers and a guest folklorist instructor. Participants enrolled from education and nonprofits backgrounds and created four unique audio stories about "Women in the Austin Music Scene." The intensive workshop covered radio production, such as interviewing, logging, and sound, and also the folklore tradition of storytelling.
  • Posted on Tue Oct 2, 2018

  • Posted on Mon Feb 3, 2014

    Applications for the 2020 Apprenticeship Program are now closed. Thank you to all who submitted applciations this year!

  • Posted on Wed May 27, 2020


  • Posted on Tue Apr 21, 2020


  • Posted on Mon Apr 20, 2020

    How can storytelling help us through these challenging times? What's at stake in providing platforms for stories and amplifying voices? Our panel discusses examples, developments, strategies around storytelling as it relates to their work and the global health pandemic.


  • Patton Elementary students interviewed for "Patton Stories" series
    Posted on Tue Mar 3, 2020

    Texas Folklife participated in the annual Patton Arts Day on March 13, 2020. We worked with schools to distribute cultural survey to the students, and choose six students' stories to record. The six "Patton Stories" cover the students and their families traditions and customs. The finished audio stories are based on interviews with the students and their parents, and feature customs based in India, Ireland, Mexico, El Salvador, and more. 

    Patton Arts Day Stories 2020

  • Posted on Tue Jan 7, 2020

    Early in 2019 Sabrina Yakana participated in the Texas Folklife Apprenticeship Program. She learned the traditional art of Pingelapese stick dance from master artist Sepir Yakana, a dance previously done to train hand eye coordination for warriors entering into battle. Now, however, the dance serves as a way to entertain.

  • Poster created by Akins High School student Jennifer Arriaga.
    Posted on Fri Jan 3, 2020

    Texas Folklife and Akins High School Austin Corps created a new radio and podcast series, "See It Through My Eyes,” during the fall 2019 school semester. This series of audio documentaries is about Texas artists and activism, civics, and Akins High traditions. This project was produced by the Texas Folklife student and community documentary training program, Stories from Deep in the Heart, and Akins High School Austin Corps senior class lead by Social Studies Teacher Linda O’Neal. The culmination of the project was a Listening Party at the City Hall Austin on December 6, 2019.